Meat +

Thanks to the work of the breeders over the past decades, the Belgian Blue breed continues to experience resounding success in Belgium and abroad to this day. Unparalleled producer of first-class meat, butchers, processors and Belgian consumers applaud it on a daily basis. With the arrival of the Meat + genetic label, the Belgian Blue […]

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Thanks to its Russian distributor Mirovet, BBG was present at the agricultural fair “The stars of Moscow” in Russia! The crossed Belgian blue livestock he presented, certainly caught the attention of the region’s agriculture minister himself!   BBG присутствовал благодаря своему российскому дистрибьютору: Мировет и Алексею Шейбель, на сельскохозяйственной выставке: Звезды подмосковья! Скрещенные животные породы […]

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