About us 

Who are we?

Belgian Blue Group – BBG – was founded in March 2003 by its two shareholders:  the Association Wallonne des Éleveurs (AWE) and the Coop of Flanders and the Netherlands (CRV).

BBG is the international market leader when it comes to the sale of Belgian Blue bovine genetic products (semen, embryo’s and livestock).

Why Belgian Blue?

With a carcass yield of over 70% and a meat yield of around 80%, the Belgian Blue is THE ultimate breed for meat production.

Its characteristics mean that the Belgian Blue is ideal for breeders who want to add value to their dairy calves through crossing (Beef on Dairy).

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Where are we?

We are based in Ciney, Belgium, in the home of the Belgian Blue breed. Come and see us

Who do we work with?  

BBG is a B2B2C company, which means that we sell our products to distributors so that breeders all over the world can enjoy their benefits.

How do I place an order?

Distributor: Tell us what you need and the specific features you’re looking for (gestation length, conformation, polled etc.) and we will send you a proposal with the best animals that we have selected especially for you! Contact us

Breeder: To find out about distributors in your country, click here