Genomics in
Belgian Blue

A new era with your BBG partner


In Belgium we have been breeding the Belgian Blue breed for decades. Thank to the many years of experience of BBG and passionate breeders, the Belgian Blue Group is now the ultimate reference when it comes to the Belgian Blue breed.

As the market leader, BBG exports BB genetics to over 50 countries accross the globe.

BBG exports Belgian Blue genetics through semen, embryos and live animals.

Our team is happy to be of service with the logistics and the genetics side of things.


BBG has also developed a polled programme, which saves your customers work and saves them money by saving on dehorning costs!

In addition, giving birth to polled calves is a real bonus in terms of animal welfare!


BBG is proud to announce Belgian Blue genomics, a revolution in the field of genomic selection.

Already well known in the world of Holstein cattle, genomic selection now also offers new opportunities for industrial crossbreeding!


The BBG Mix is a semen that combines three different sires in one insemination straw to improve fertility and a better conception rate.

Modern and adapted

Three bovine semen production centres in compliance with ISO 9001 quality standards and the cutting edge of technology and health monitoring. Our bulls have their own paddock outside in the grass all year round. The welfare of our animals comes first!