Your partner, BBG, the only company that can offer you genomic Belgian Blue bulls.

Now, just like Holstein breeders, Belgian Blue breeders can use genomic selection to speed up the genetic progress of their herd.

Genomic evaluation does not replace polygenic evaluation of a bull, but it significantly improves its accuracy and enables earlier detection of animals with high genetic potential.

Genomic indexes are available for a wide range of characteristics:

For the pedigree market: ‘weight, height and conformation at 14 months’, as well as for ‘linear scoring’.

NEW! Incorporate the new female fertility index into your selection system.

For Beef on Dairy: ‘Calving Ease’ and ‘Value of the calves at the age of 2 weeks’.

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BBG is a pioneer in the selection of polled Belgian Blue bulls. This means you can benefit from the widest choice of polled bulls available on the market.

They’re easy to spot by the name of the bull: PP (homozygous), P (heterozygous).

Polled cattle are a plus for animal welfare, and labor- and cost saving!

Polled is a genetically based characteristic. The polled gene (P) is genetically dominant versus the horned gene (H).

Meanwhile there is a genetic test available for testing the polled genotype.

By convention, a homozygous polled animal is referred to as: PP, while a heterozygote is: P.

 Following scheme makes it more clear what to expect by the following combinations: